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GfÖ-Awards for Excellence in the Field of Ecology 2019


GfÖ-Awards for Excellence in the Field of Ecology 2019

The ‘Gesellschaft für Ökologie’ (GfÖ, Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland) annually gives awards for outstanding theses, applied projects, poster presentations and photographs in the field of ecology. 

Every member of the GfÖ is eligible to submit proposals for the awards. Self-nominations are possible. The winners receive the awards during at the annual conference of the GfÖ. The annual conference in 2019 will be held from 09. to 13.09.2019 in Münster (www.gfoe-conference.de). Conference fees are waived for the winners of the awards. 

In 2019 awards are given in five different categories. The sums of the prize money in 2019 are

Horst-Wiehe- Award                                     1500 €

GfÖ-PhD-Award                                           1500 €

GfÖ-Master-/Diploma-Award                     1000 €

GfÖ-Project-Award                                        500 €

GfÖ-Poster-Award                                         100 €

GfÖ-Photo-Award                                          100 €

Proposals should be submitted before 30 April 2019 via the GfÖ website submission forms.  

Information on the nominee and the nominating person have to be entered in the form, and the reasons why the work proposed for the award is of outstanding quality. Further material to be submitted is also indicated where applicable.

Only one photograph per person can be entered into the competition. By sending a photograph the sender declares that he or she owns the rights to the image(s), and that he or she allows the image(s) to be published on the GfÖ homepage and in the GfÖ-newsletter, to be posted at Facebook and Twitter and to be exhibited at GfÖ-events (conferences, workshops etc.). The decision about the winning entry for the poster award and the photo award is based on the ballots submitted by the participants of the annual conference for a particular poster or photo. For the other award categories, the board of the GfÖ organizes the evaluation and selection process and informs the winners before the annual conference.

Further information on the rules for the selection process can be found in the respective Regulations for the GfÖ-Awards (in German).