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The Special Interest Group ‘Agroecology’ intends to be a forum for exchange of information between pure and applied researchers, policy makers, land-users and food producers. We focus on the exchange of ideas on sustainable land-use systems in the sense of safeguarding and enhancing essential process flows and functions of land-use systems. Our credo is to establish a link between ecological science and needs of the agricultural practice considering environmental friendly approaches on different scale levels (landscape, farm, field).

In detail our aims are

  • Promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation, communication and discussion of all members of GfÖ working in the field of ‘Agroecology‘
  • Collation and consolidation of special knowledge and skills present in the GfÖ in order to forward conclusions derived from our discussions to policy makers
  • Development of scenarios, visions and future concepts of sustainable land-use systems in respect to our focus on agroecology (e.g. basic criteria and principles, environmental and socioeconomic targets and components)
  • Identification of research needs (in defined areas), initiating temporary contact and/or project groups on special topics, offering a platform for initiation of round robin tests

In this respect we welcome offers for meetings or expert excursions on special topics and conduct them at irregular intervals.